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Do we have access to the Harvard Business Review?

Yes we do!


From the library's home page, click on the Journals tab. Then, enter Harvard Business Review in the search box.


Harvard Business Review (1992 to present in Business Source Complete)

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Where do I find industry statistics and reports?

Industry profiles are available in the library databases IBISWorld, Business Source Complete and Business Insights: Global.


IBISWorld - Provides industry-based research reports that analyze the business operating risks and opportunities of over 1300 US industries.

1. Search by keyword, company name or industry code (NAICS)



Business Source Complete - Includes industry profiles as well as industry news and trends. 


Search Strategy A:

  1. Select Industry Profiles from the Browse box
  2. Browse industries or search by key terms


Search Strategy B:

  1. Search by NAICS code



Business Insights: Global - Includes industry essays as well as market share reports.

Search Strategy:

  1. Select the Industries tab
  2. Choose All Industries
  3. Enter NAICS code or key word in the search box (left of page)


For industry statistics go to the Industry Statistics Portal by the U.S. Census 

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Where can I find information about consumer lifestyles and trends?

Consumer Lifestyles reports by GMID Passport, American Time Use Survey (ATUS) and SimmonsOneView are good starting points for information about consumers. Feel free to browse the Consumer & Market Segments page on the Business LibGuide for more recommendations.


Passport (GMID by Euromonitor)

Offers Consumer Lifestyles and Digital Consumer reports by country.

  1. Select Consumers tab then Lifestyles
  2. Browse Theme and Content under Analysis Finder for relevant reports




American Time Use Survey

Measures the amount of time people spend doing various activities, such as paid work, childcare, volunteering, and socializing

  1. Select ATUS Charts then browse by activity
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Where do I find information on private companies?

Guidelines for Researching Private or Small Companies

First, identify your company and confirm it is publicly held or private by conducting a company search on Google or your preferred search engine. Researching private companies is more challenging since they are not usually required to file reports with the Securities Exchange Commission.

  • You usually will not find quarterly financial reports on private companies
  • You may need to accept a revenue range or estimate, or even inferred revenue based on information known or presumed
  • There is usually less published about smaller companies than larger companies



Provides private company information and financials, as well as list of investors, venture capital funding, M&A deals and PE deals.

  1. Search by Company Name


LexisNexis Academic

Provides company profiles for some private companies.

  1. Select Search by Subject or Topic
  2. Select Company Profiles
  3. Search by company name

Note: Not all private companies will be available


For more search strategies visit the Private/Small Company Research guide


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Where can I find industry information for an international country?

Industry information by country is available in multiple library databases including: Business Source Complete, ABI/INFORM Collection and GMID Passport.


Business Source Complete

Provides industry profiles by country.

  1. Select Industry Profiles under the Browse box
  2. Search by key word or Browse by industry or country


ABI/INFORM Collection

Provides industry profiles by country.

  1. Select Browse
  2. Select Business Monitor International (BMI) Industry reports


GMID Passport (Euromonitor)

Provides industry profiles and statistics by country.

  • Tip: Search by key word using the search box on the top-right. GMID Passport will generate statistics and analysis based on your search.



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Where can I find U.S. demographic information? 

American FactFinder and SimplyAnalytics are great starting points for U.S. demographic information. American FactFinder is an interactive tool maintained by the U.S. Census. The library database SimplyAnalytics pulls data from the U.S. Census and allows you to create charts, maps, and lists. Feel free to visit our Demographics page for more recommended resources.


American FactFinder

  1. Select Advanced or Guided Search (Guided Search recommended for first time users)
  2. Choose I'm Looking for Information About People
  3. Choose relevant topics



Note: Create an account (it's free!) to save your searches and/or reports. Alternatively, sign in as a guest.

  • SimplyAnalytics offers the ability to generate maps, reports or rankings
  • Each type provides a 'Launch Wizard' to guide you through the steps