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Where do I find information on private companies?

Last updated on Aug 10, 2017    Company Information


Guidelines for Researching Private or Small Companies

First, identify your company and confirm it is publicly held or private by conducting a company search on Google or your preferred search engine. Researching private companies is more challenging since they are not usually required to file reports with the Securities Exchange Commission.

  • You usually will not find quarterly financial reports on private companies
  • You may need to accept a revenue range or estimate, or even inferred revenue based on information known or presumed
  • There is usually less published about smaller companies than larger companies



Provides private company information and financials, as well as list of investors, venture capital funding, M&A deals and PE deals.

  1. Search by Company Name


LexisNexis Academic

Provides company profiles for some private companies.

  1. Select Search by Subject or Topic
  2. Select Company Profiles
  3. Search by company name

Note: Not all private companies will be available


For more search strategies visit the Private/Small Company Research guide


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